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Will the 50% tax drive entrepreneurs overseas?

Following the April 2009 budget there has been growing concern amongst many business owners that the new tax rate will drive entrepreneurs outside of the UK.

The global economy an online business now means that many businesses can be operated from anywhere in the world. Whilst a new business starter may be dreaming of earning £150k per annum the reality is that many business owners have successfully built up their small businesses to thriving companies. They now reap the rewards of many years effort by paying themselves a salary above £150K. Now it seems that the government would like to thank the small business owners by taxing them for their hard work.

Congratulations on helping to drive the economy forward, now pay more tax please to dig us out of this current mess.

Many of theses entrepreneurs are now considering taking their businesses overseas where they will pay less tax. We can only hope that many of these individuals are willing to pay the tax and stick around for the long run. Hopefully their financial advisers will help them to reduce their tax bill.

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