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Making More Money from Your Site - How to earn extra revenue with very little effort

Your website should help to increase your sales, especially if you have an online shop, but there are other ways to generate some extra income. If you have some spare space on your website you could think about filling it with advertisements for other businesses, as with advertising your website, it is Google that are the popular option for web developers.

Google offer a scheme called AdSense which places a box on your website with 3 or 4 advertisements in it which offer your website users useful links to relevant sites, for example, if your website offers advice about house insulation, ads for insulation specialists, plumbers and window sales companies might appear.

You can also choose to show image and video ads which may increase the revenue, but you should consider how this might impact upon the design on your website.

If you’re worried about competitors being advertised on your site, you can filter them out of the ads displayed from your Google control panel, and for peace of mind, you can also choose the format of the ad so that it compliments your site’s design.

You can also sign up to website affiliate schemes which is an arrangement with specific companies to advertise their goods, for example, a business consultancy website might want to recommend a particular bank account by displaying their banner, each time this banner is clicked on, the business consultancy website would receive a small amount of revenue.

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