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If you're looking for a UK Company Formation service we recommend using Simple Formations. Straight forward advice and no hidden fees.

Web Hosting

Once you have a great new website, you need to find a server to store all the website files which is always online and is accessible by uses.

A server (or web server) is a piece of computer hardware that can store a vast amount of files and data so that your website can be accessed online. Many companies will own a number of servers which can be rented out to clients so that websites can be uploaded and stored, this is called web hosting.

Most web design companies will offer a package of web hosting along with a free domain name when quoting for the web design, this will probably last for a year or two to start, and then an annual fee will apply afterwards to maintain the hosting. Before you accept any offer for such services you should search for ‘web hosting’ on a search engine such as Google to see what different services are commonly offered and their charges, you should then ask the web design company what is good about their web hosting.

After your initial period of web hosting has expired, you may want to research alternative suppliers to find a cheaper price and then transfer your hosting to a new supplier. You should only do this once you are confident that the new web host is suitable for your needs, so contact your web designer and ask them questions about what your website’s needs, also contact the potential web host if you have any questions.

It is important that your web hosting package meets your email needs, as going for the cheapest package may remove any email capabilities which could prove detrimental to your business.

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