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Telephone Answering Services – What if you’re not available to answer calls?

If your business is something you only do on certain days or in the evening whilst still in employment, or if you are always ‘out of the office’, you might not be able to answer all incoming telephone calls which could put people off and lose you money.

Luckily, there are plenty of service providers out there who are nice enough to answer your calls for you 24/7, for a small charge of course.

Telephone Answering has become big business, with thousands of small businesses not being able to take all their calls on a daily basis, the market has become bigger and very advanced. Your service can be extremely personalised, your call is answered how ever you like, and you can choose whether you would like your calls answered all day or just a certain times, in addition; you can receive reports of received calls in a multitude of ways; by email, text message, and fax or by one of the operators calling you.

Because so many service providers have entered the market, prices have been pushed down, which is good news for small businesses who are working to a tight budget but cannot afford to lose business when they’re away from their desk. The surge in competition has also led to some great features being introduced such as online admin areas where you can see a report of all received calls and change the script that is used for your calls.

There are a lot of suppliers out there, so we recommend that similarly to a bank account, you shop around. Start by searching on Google for ‘Telephone Answering Service’ and look at the different price plans, features and additional services on offer.

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