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Top 10 tips for selling in a recession

Starting a business in a recession is not easy but the world has not stopped turning and people have not stopped spending money. There are still opportunities out there and plenty of business to be won

1. Be more proactive in targeting new business. Do not assume that your previous tactics that were securing business still work in the current economic climate.

2. Tell more people about your business. If you had to promote your business to 20 clients previously to secure one order, it is likely that you will need to tell even more now.

3. Be prepared to work every lead. If you are telling more people about your business then you will need to follow up more enquiries and chase more leads.

4. Could you switch your sales pitch? Is now the right time to promote how you could save other business money? What cost savings can your clients gain by using your business?

5. Is it time to use new methods of communicating with clients? Could an email campaign or mail shot work? Is local, national press right for your business? How do clients hear about you? It may be time you found out!

6. Do not forget your previous clients and regular customers. Have your regulars used your services recently? Do not forget to keep in contact with your existing customers or someone else just might steal that business.

7. Are your products and services visible online? Would a website help your business?

8. What other products and services could you be providing? Look at your competitors and see if they have developed new revenue streams. Speak to your customers and find out if there is anything that they actually need from you.

9. Could you add value to your existing product or service? Differentiate your business from your competitors by adding value.

10. Be positive at all times with your clients. They do not want to hear that things are tight, that your business is struggling. Create a stable, confident environment in which to sell your products and service.

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