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Mum's the Business - Mothers starting new businesses

Latest figures suggest that an increasing number of mums are starting their own businesses. According to a survey by YouGov the reason given for most mums wanting to start their own business was for increased flexibility.

Many mothers find that ‘standard’ jobs offer little or no flexibility and do not fit with their role as a mother. Returning to work with a current employer often involves a full working week with early starts and late finishes. Jobs that do offer flexibility may not suit their skills and attributes and may simply not be challenging or rewarding. Therefore more Mums are looking to improve their work life balance by starting their own business.

By starting a new home based business many Mum’s are able to juggle the demands of bringing up their family with the challenges of running their own business. Many Mums have found that becoming a parent has stimulated a new interest or highlighted a potential new market that could be profitable.

Whilst starting a new business and looking after a family is far from easy, it does provide the solution for some parents.

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