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How much does a website cost?

This is often no set answer to this question; it completely depends upon your individual needs. Some web design companies will operate in a way where they charge a few hundred pounds for a 10 page website, working to a standard design but you should not assume that you will get all that you want for this price.

Each little feature or each extra page on your website will increase the final price because it will take up more of the supplier’s time, similarly, if the designer is creating a website from scratch which is unique for your business, more time will be taken to design and code the website, meaning higher costs.

Most web design companies will draw up a specification of your website and then calculate how long it should take to complete, an hourly rate will then be applied to work out the cost, for example;

Janice the book store owner has found a local website design company that she likes and wants them to create her an online e-commerce store. The website design company have estimated how long each of the following tasks will take to complete; (These times are random estimates to demonstrate the calculation process and should not be regarded as the actual time taken for any specific website)

1. Creating a design from scratch 5 Hours
2. Developing and coding the basic pages 15 Hours
3. Developing the e-commerce store 20 Hours
4. Developing a Content Management System 10 Hours
5. Training the customer 2 Hours
TOTAL: 52 Hours
Hourly Rate £30.00 per hour
TOTAL COST 52 x £30.00 = £1560.00

Realistically, you could be looking at £50 – £500 for a basic ‘static’ site, and then £1000 - £30000 for a complex ‘dynamic’ website including e-commerce facilities.

As with any such service, you should get at least 3 different quotes and look at which is best for quality and value, as well as all the other things that you should be looking for when finding a web designer.

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