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Email - The benefits of communicating electronically for a small business

Email is becoming the most common way to communicate with other people, especially in business as it is convenient and provides a written record of what has been said. If you are looking at creating an online presence and / or an online store, then you should have the skills to confidently use email so that you can easily contact and be contacted by your customers.

If you do not feel confident about using email, it may worth investing your time in a short course to improve your skills, these are often run at a local school, community centre or library and are relatively cheap or some are free.

You can use email to speed up a whole host of business tasks including;
 Receiving Orders from Customers
 Correspondence with customers
 Issuing Invoices
 Placing orders with suppliers
 Reporting faults or errors

If you don’t have a website and you’re working to a tight budget, you can use a free email provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo, alternatively, you may already have an email address with your Internet Service Provider like customers of AOL and NTL / Virgin Media.

Ideally, if you do have a website or you can afford to buy a personalised email address you should use a professional looking address, for example, the fictional ‘Bob Smith Domestic Electrical Analysis Services UK Limited’ should use something like rather than because it gives a better image of the business which is important when trying to generate sales.

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