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Do not forget your existing customers!

As a business we have developed strong relationships with many suppliers. We spend many thousands of pounds every year with some of our suppliers. We have suppliers that get paid tens of thousands of pounds yet we never hear from them. There is an assumption that everything is alright or worse still a belief that we will remain a loyal customer.

Times are changing though

We use an international courier for shipments outside the UK. Their main competitor recently targeted this firm to win our business. If I am honest I was at first sceptical that our existing supplier could be beaten by much. However, several emails and telephone calls later and we were offered better rates and an improved service. At this point we jumped ship and began using the new courier firm. In the weeks that have passed we have not heard a single thing from the previous service provider.

A more proactive approach to retaining customers was seen from our stationers. They called several weeks ago to check that everything was Ok. We explained that we purchased a few items from a different supplier due to price and convenience. Within a few minutes the stationer had reduced the price of nearly every item we order. I did not ask for a total price review but that is exactly what we got.

Our new courier now has the bulk of our international shipments bringing them many thousands of pounds in new revenue. Our stationer has secured our existing business and also managed to acquire more business through their customer contact.

What have you done lately for your best customers?

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